Nike & PXG: A Possible Partnership?


“There’s a different way PXG could benefit from Nike’s decision, though, or even support the apparel giant, Parsons said. The companies could work together, with Nike meeting the clothing needs of its endorsers with Swoosh-logoed apparel, shoes and accessories, and PXG providing those players with their golf clubs.”

“Parsons envisioned a scenario where Nike was paying a PGA Tour player $7 million to use its clubs and wear its apparel and shoes. With Nike out of the golf equipment business, he said he could pay the player $3-4 million to use PXG clubs, with Nike paying $2-3 million for the player to wear its apparel and shoes.”

“It’s the same number,” Parsons said. “And that player can use any [golf] ball he wants, which is not trivial.”

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