Groove Wear

“Fresh grooves, we have to have them. Our tour pins are tucked in tight spots, so you have to be able to hit it low and hit it high with the right amount of spin. If the grooves are not fresh, you’re going to get inconsistency.”
— Jordan Spieth

Amateur golfers may not have the opportunity to change wedges as often as Tour Professionals do. But if you’re struggling with wedge play, the following videos may provide some insight as to why.

— Billy

The Vokey Research & Development team tested three levels of groove wear using a proprietary wedge robot at the Manchester Lane test facility. The results? Wedges with fresh grooves lead to more precise shots:

What causes wedge grooves to wear down?

  • Frequent Play
    Regular practice and play create normal wear-and-tear to wedges and result in a gradual wearing down of the grooves.
  • Range Golf Balls
    Range balls and other hard covered balls will, over time, wear down the edge of the groove (Note: Vokey Wedges are cast from soft 8620 carbon steel, reducing groove wear).
  • Bunker Shots
    Bunker shots expose the face to small pebbles and rocks, essentially sand-blasting the face of the wedge.
  • Abnormal Conditions
    Sandy lies, debris on the golf ball, rocks, and bag chatter can all lead to gradual groove wear.