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About Billy
Billy Bondaruk was voted Northern California PGA Teacher of the Year in 2006. He currently teaches golf at the Seaview Hotel & Golf Club in southern New Jersey. Lesson packages, golf clinics, junior programs, and corporate outings are available.

Contact Billy at 774-212-4600

How Weight Moves in the Backswing
Most golfers share a misconception about how their weight moves in the golf swing: they believe that weight shifts from the left foot to the right foot during the backswing (for right-handed players). However, in a powerful on-plane swing, weight does not move from side-to-side. If you study today's best tour players, you'll find that they coil their weight upwards on the backswing as with a cyclone or tornado.

Many of my students place too much importance on club position in the golf swing. They overlook how rotation works from ground pressure and moves upward through their bodies. Through a series of drills and swing training techniques that mimic the golf swing, anyone can increase swing speed and stability in order to hit the ball further and with greater consistency.